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Delicious Dosa

Delicious Dosa
Dosa (Gluten Free): A delicious light pancake made from stone ground-soaked rice and lentil battered, fermented naturally.

All dosas are wrapped with a tasty filling of your choice, slaw drizzled with homemade coconut and peri peri mayo.

Cumin and ginger flavored Agria Potato and green Peas
(Add Vegan / Cheddar Cheese
Served with Coconut Ginger and Lentil Chutney

Stoneground Homemade marinated Chicken in Tandoori Style.
Served with Coconut ginger and lentil Chutney

STEAK MASALA (Mild to Medium) 🥩
Authentic Homemade stone ground spices marinated and slow cooked Steak
Served with Coconut ginger and lentil Chutney.

LAMB MASALA (Mild to Medium) 🐏
Stone ground 36 spices marinated lamb in a traditional method.
Served with Coconut ginger and lentil Chutney.
Options to add extra on your choice of meat.
Cheddar Cheese
Agria Potato Masala

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