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An intolerance to gluten is one of the most common food intolerances worldwide, with the rising prevalence of coeliac disease and other diseases is expected to drive the continued demand. Growing from a niche market to a now well-known mainstream market segment, gluten-free food options are ever increasing and becoming more and more popular.  

The Gluten Free Food Festival fills the needed niche in New Zealand for a dedicated gluten free event, putting your gluten free brand in front of thousands of eager customers! The event takes place at the iconic Due Drop Events Centre in Manurewa on 18th November 2023, and is committed to providing an exciting space for you to attract new customers, make connections, and undertake business networking. 

Open to the general public, and marketed through an extensive national advertising campaign across all media, The Gluten Free Food Festival provides the ideal event to launch new products, test-market proposed products, make retail sales and build brand awareness and loyalty. With lots of interest and interactions on social media, you will also receive exposure through these channels as well as a Vendor Profile here on the website.

Our 2022 festival in Tauranga saw visitors attending from all over the country (close to 50% from out of town!), and a very high return on investment for vendors. The festival attracts a broad customer base within the gluten free sector, however is predominantly followed by females in the 25 - 55 age range. 

The Gluten Free Food Festival is gearing up to being an epic annual extravaganza of taste, options, vibes, and sensations to delight the many visitors that attend.

Site Prices


A standard site size indoors is 3m by 1.8m.

Single site: $160

Double site: $290


A standard site size outdoors is 3m by 3m (the size of a typical gazebo).

Single site: $140

Double site: $250

Food Truck/Cart/Gazebo (ready to eat, outdoors): $250

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Want more information? Check out our Info Pack! If you still have questions, please email info@theglutenfreefoodfestival.co.nz.

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