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The Friendly Food Co

The Friendly Food Co
The Friendly Food Co. is a dietitian run company that produces low FODMAP, gluten free spice mixes and seasonings for people suffering from IBS and other gut health issues such as coeliac disease and food intolerances. Our spice mixes and seasonings are versatile, easy to use and packed full of flavour. All of our products are low FODMAP, gluten free, vegan, allergy-free and made by dietitians in New Zealand.

We have three spice mixes:
Na'cho problem was inspired by traditional Mexican flavours. this spice mix is smokey, rich and earthy with bold aromas of paprika, coriander, oregano and cocoa. Use as a gut friendly spice base for all your favourite Mexican dishes, such as nachos, burrito, taco or quesadillas.

Butter Me Up was inspired by our favourite butter chicken curry. This spice mix is mild yet full bodied in flavour with fragrant coriander, garam masala, turmeric, ginger and fenugreek. Use as the base for a curry, a marinade for chicken or tofu, or simply to add some Indian inspired flavour to your favourite dish.

Cajun seasoning: Get ready to fire up your taste buds! This seasoning is earthy and smokey with a subtle kick, to spice up every occasion. For flavouring chicken, prawns, roast potatoes or added to homemade dips.

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