Fogdog’s range of premium gluten free breadcrumbs, batters and coatings were designed to make it easier than ever to enjoy gluten free meals that don’t lack on taste or quality. All of our products are incredibly easy to use and hassle free. Perfect for coating fish, chicken, potatoes, veggies, tofu and whatever else your heart desires!

Our Premium Gluten Free Breadcrumbs are formulated as a coarse crumb that, when cooked, produces a crunchy, tasty, golden coating. Our Tasty Tempura Batter is light and crispy; a perfect batter for fish or veggies that sure as heck doesn’t taste gluten free! Our Kentucky-Style Coating is a superbly balanced blend of herbs and spices, destined for coating juicy chicken fillets. Our Shake & Bake is a light and crispy coating, packed full of savoury flavour. Great on any protein, and especially good on roast potatoes. Our Fantastic Fritter Mix is incredibly easy to use and versatile; whether you like classic corn or mussel fritters, or sweet banana & cinnamon, it’s up to you!

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