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Exhibitor Area

Exhibitor Checklist

1.  Please read the Exhibitor Manual (below)

2..  Book your Eftpos Machine hire if you don't already own one. We recommend TechLogic. Check them out hereWe will have cash out services on the day too if you don't want an eftpos machine.

3..  Ensure your invoices are paid (due 20th of the month following invoicing)

Exhibitor Tips and Tricks

We have found the following vendor tips and tricks very useful for a successful event for you! 

Marketing - Share that you're coming along to the event on social media, with friends and family, and in your email newsletters. Some customers will likely come along just to see you!

Site Design - How your festival site looks will either entice visitors in to shop with you or disinterest them. We want enticed visitors! Play around with your site design and setup beforehand. Does it look inviting? Are displays aesthetically pleasing in positioning? Do you have signage that effectively communicates who you are and what you do? Does your branding and colouring "flow" throughout all your displays? Do you have samples out for customers to try? All the above help create an interesting and enticing stall!

Smile! - Customers are naturally attracted to friendly, engaging, and open vendors. Don't sit in the corner of your stall on your phone; get out there and chat to customers, ask them questions, and draw them in! The more visitors you have in and around your stall, the more will want to look. Humans are naturally curious and "FOMO" inclined - make the most of it!

Know Your Product - It might seem like an obvious one, but make sure you know your product inside and out! Visitors come prepared to buy at festivals like these, and will likely be asking questions before they do so. Make sure you have knowledgeable staff on board to help get those sales over the line.

Follow Up - why not collect customers' email addresses at the festival so you can follow up with them afterwards? Research shows that leads from festivals and shows are more likely to convert to sales than any other marketing media.

Come Prepared - We find the following items helpful to have in and around your stall: string, scissors, blutac, gloves for handling food, toothpicks, a first aid kit, your cash float, a chair, a rubbish bin, water bottle, wetwipes or antibacterial hand gel, pen, an extension cord.

Exhibitor Manual

 Exhibitor Manual

Food Guidelines

If you are serving food at The Gluten Free Food Festival (which the majority of you will be!) please be advised that you must adhere to Food Hygiene standards and registration as outlined in The Food Act 2014. See more details here.

Gluten Free Food 

You will know by now that only gluten free foods are allowed for this event. Please read the below precautions to take.

If you handle gluten foods in your personal or commercial kitchen, please:

Ensure your hands are thoroughly washed, clothes changed, and utensils thoroughly cleaned or new ones used before handling gluten free foods at the event.

Recheck all your foods to ensure they're gluten free.

Social Media Advertising

Please create excitement and anticipation by sharing on social media that you're coming to the festival! Download social tiles here.

Use the hashtag #glutenfreefoodfestnz24 on all your social media posts!

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